Myanmar 202x

* SR : Caught Off Guard


Kidnapped Myanmar
only to see United Citizens — of different races and creeds —
demanding the Unconditional Release of Democratically Elected Representatives,
unlawfully detained people and
the Restoration of Democracy and Freedom from Fear in the Noble Golden Land

Tried to sell Myanmar to their Pa Htways
only to see their Crimes Against Humanity exposed
in excruciating details
in the Media of the Free World

Plundered homes, banks, institutions
(many of them providing Health and Social Services),
and pagodas (notably the world renowned Shwe Dagon)
only to see themselves, their families,their supporters and their companies
being Blacklisted by a growing number of Countries

Banned Media, Arrested Journalists,
Cut off Internet (as they please),
Propagated Lies via their Rambling Idiot named Mei Lone
only to find out their Human Rights Violations
(including Killing Infants,
bull dozing people’s cars,
criminalizing Professionals and innocent youths and women,
setting fire to homes, factories and shops )
being reported in detail in International Media
and the support of Jurists
to help bring the Terrorists to Justice


The above is just a Sampling of the Heinous Crimes
that would shame Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

50+ Million citizens are trying
to banish the Egomaniacs
(who kow tow to Two Veto Powers and Dhammantaye).

Truth and Justice will prevail.

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