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Spring Revolution *


  • 1958 Soft Coup
    Lasted 18 months (rather than the initial agreement of 6 months to hold Free and Fair Elections
  • 1962 Hard Coup
    A 17-man Revolutionary Council began the Era of Military and Quasi-Military Rule
  • 1988 Bloody Coup
    The nation-wide protests for “Return to Democracy” was brutally crushed by the Military
  • 2010 Pseudo Coup
    Using the hand-crafted Constitution, former and current Armed Forces Personnel ran the Hluttaw and Government,
  • 2021 Failed Coup
    Most elected Representatives of the Hluttaw were detained.
    Many were sentenced by Kangaroo Courts.
    Peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders were shot to death.
    Stole or robbed from Social and Welfare Organizations.
    Towns and Villages have been bombed and/or set fire.


  • Posts with “SR” in the titles cover “Nwe Oo Taw Hlan Yay” (Spring Revolution)
  • The atrocities of the Brutal Junta have destroyed the “Rice Bowl of Asia” to ruins.
  • Sad to note that International Organizations (UN, ASEAN) would “condemn” without any action to stop the Killings and burning of Villages and innocent people.

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