SPHS : Bakery

SPHS Bakery
  • Ko Aung Myint (SPHS64, UCC) sent me a photo of SPHS Bakery.
  • During our SPHS days, the shop was located near the Gate of Bo Aung Kyaw (Sparks Street).
    It sold bread and Bombay Toast.
  • Vendors sold Mohinga and other food in the open building which is used for Drill Practice.
  • Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote : My favorite was cream buns !
  • Robert Win Boh wrote : The daughter of SHHS Bakery owner attended SHHS (Sacred Heart High School).
    She was my classmate till Middle School Classes – but not matriculated as she got married in High School age & left School
  • Tin Aung Win wrote : I like raisin buns.
  • Ngwe Tun Tun wrote : I like cream bun also.
    It was very fresh and delicious.
  • Robert Win Boh wrote : I like simple hot bread to carry home running in the our sack as we live in 32nd Street later 51st Street – 3 / 2 Blocks away.

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