Poems and Translations

HM : Our Unity (Poem)

  • An early poem about National Unity
  • By Mg Hlaing Phyo (pen name of Hla Min)
  • five lines per verse
  • for the Commemorative Issue of Union Day (Pyidaung Su Nay)
    in WPD (Working People’s Daily)
    Chief Editor : G Ko Lay
  • U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War) wrote :
    This is really an amazing verse to read, especially for a poetry lover, be it in any language, so to speak.
  • Aung Min (M69) wrote :
    Thanks Mg Hlaing Phyo
  • Zaw Winn (Min71) wrote :
    What a beautiful composition of Union spirit in this poem … My appreciations..
  • Ngwe Tun (C69) wrote :
    Great minds think alike

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