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Gone But Not Forgotten (GBNF)

Class of 69

  • U Aung Min (M69) and team maintain the list GBNF for 69ers
  • The GBNF list has 113 entries.
  • Sad to note that the following passed away between July and October, 2021.
  1. Tin San Civil
  2. Yi Pinn (Maung Maung Kaung) Mechanical
  3. Abdul Rauf (Tin Aye) Electrical
  4. Aung Myint Civil
  5. Tun Metallurgy
  6. Thein Swe Electrical
  7. Soe Win Mechanical
  8. Khin Maung Gyi Mechanical
  9. Chit Pe Mechanical
  10. Aung Gyi Shwe Electrical
  11. Tobias Kittim Ku, Saw Architecture
  12. Thein Maung Mechanical
  13. Kyaw Tint Mining
  14. Nan Su Su, Daw Textile
    Her spouse passed away a month earlier
  15. Tin Shwe Civil
  16. Soe Myint Thein Electrical
  17. Mehm Paw Oo Electrical
    Passed away in Singapore.

Class of 70

  • U Ohn Khine (M70) maintain the list of GBNF for the Class of 70 (1st BE Intake of 64)
  • The GBNF list has 111 entries.
  • Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaung Sayadaw U Wara (Win Paing, ChE70) is a recent GBNF.
    Saya U Aung (Maung Aw, C70) has a nice post about U Wara.

Other Classes

  • Some classes maintain the GBNF lists and report to us.

Request For Help

Due to resource constraints, I am not able to reorganize my writings and videos for easy reference.

There are

  • about 3000 articles (of varying length and depth),
  • 200+ videos (short talks in Burmese)
  • and several translations (mostly poems).

I have two websites :

I am admin or moderator of FB groups :

  • RIT Updates
  • Life Long Learning
  • RU Centennial
  • Myanmar 2021
  • Fun with Learning

I used to contribute to some other FB groups (e.g related to UCC, RUBC, PBRS, MARB).

I have re-posted selective Memories (with updates), but my dream of implementing “Oral and Written History” need lots of time and energy.

I still have a reasonably good memory and health.

I am happy to have been a catalyst for keeping the RIT Spirit alive and well.

Special thanks to those who provided information and feedback about my trips down Memory Lane.

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