Burma Champions *


Suk Bahadhur

  • Played soccer for Shan States, Army and Burma.
  • One of the three Bahadhur from the Shan States Soccer team that won the Inaugural Champions for Inter State and Division Tournament in 1952.
  • Recruited to play for the Army in the First Division.
  • Initially played Forward in the 5-3-2 formation.
  • Later played Midfielder in the 4-2-4 formation.
  • Captain of the Burma Selected.
  • Chosen as a Asian All Star.

Asian All Stars

  • Suk Bhadhur
  • Maung Maung (Navy)
    Most prominent among the five or more Burma Selected named Maung Maung
  • Khin Maung Tun (Goalkeeper)
  • Tin Aung (Goalkeeper)


Tin Maung Ni

  • Swam for Rangoon University, Navy and Burma.
  • Won Gold Medals at the SEAP Games and Asian Games.
  • Invited to a US Tour
  • Competed in Olympics
  • Ba Than Nyunt wrote : Dear Sir, (U)Tin Maung Ni won Gold medals not only in SEAPgames but also in two successive Asian Games. If my recall is right, he is from Bhan Maw, Kachin State.

Training by Mr. Matsuda (Japanese Coach)

Richard Yu Khin wrote : I was on the swim team with Tin Maung Ni who is a gentleman. Ten of us were trained by Mr. Matsuda who was on the Japanese national swim team. Mr. Matsuda was manager of a Japanese company in Rangoon. He made us swim six 50 metres sprints, with one minute interval. The time difference for the 1st and 6th sprints — the decline curve should be limited. This was the first time we had scientific training in swimming. Tin Maung Ni was the only Asian, other than Japanese, to win a gold medal in swimming at the Asian Games. The US Embassy provided a goodwill tour of USA for Tin Maung Ni. He is from the Kachin State.

Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) wrote

Tin Maung Ni went for an overseas competition, brought back a VW Beetle with a faux skin glued?? over the body. Of course, it was an big attraction those days.

Other Male Champions

  • Mya Thee
  • Maung Kyi
  • Aung Than
  • Nanda Kyaw Swar

Female Champions

  • Soe Sisters (Sally, Mary, Maisie, Muya)
  • Elizabeth Smythe
  • Marla Swe
  • Polly Ba San


Joe Ba Maung

  • Burma Men Singles Champion
  • Burma Men Doubles Champion (e.g. with Than Lwin)
  • Burma Mixed Doubles Champion (e.g. with Daw Ruby Kha)
  • Taught English (e.g. at RIT)
  • Manager at Burma Railways
    Also In-charge of Burma Railways Sports


  • Than Lwin succeeded Joe Ba Maung as Singles Champion.
  • Maung Maung Lay (Ah Pu Lay) succeeded Than Lwin as Singles Champion.
    He was Burma Doubles Champion with Than Htut.

Female Champions

  • Mu Mu Khin
  • Jacqueline Tun Shwe
  • Ni Ni Chone

Track and Field

Myee Tun Naw

  • Burma and SEAP Champion for Marathon.
  • Competed in Asian Games and Olympics.

Sin Bwe Gan

  • Burma and SEAP Champion for 5000 and 10000 meters.
  • Runner up in the Marathon (in the early days)
  • Succeeded Myee Tun Naw as Marathon Champion.

Jimmy Crampton

  • Won High School (from St. Paul’s) and Inter-Institute tournaments
  • Burma and SEAP Champion for 1500 meters.
  • KMZ wrote : Jimmy Crampton is an OP, Old Paulian. If my memory serves me one of his running partners was non other than our own Dr. Rafiul Ahad, ex-UCC.
  • Editor’s note : Rafiul was chosen for the preliminary team for Burma. He placed third in the hurdles. His coach was Kyaw Khin (Old Paulian, and Burma Champion in hurdles and 1500m).

Mra Brothers

  • Tun Mra won Gold for 4×100 m relay in 2nd SEAP
    Captain of RU Track and Field Team
  • Kyaw Mra won Silver for Hurdles in 2nd SEAP
    Became National Coach
  • Soe Mra won Gold for Pole Vault in 2nd SEAP and subsequent SEAP.
  • Win Mra, Maung Maung Mra and Aung Mra also excelled in Pole Vault

Female Champions

  • Gracie Carr
  • Ma Tin Pu,
  • Ma Khin Htay
  • Jennifer Tin La
  • Than Than
  • Khin Khin Htwe

Table Tennis

Mao Toon Siong

  • Burma Singles and Doubles Champion
  • Represented Burma in SEAP, Asian Games and Wold Championship
  • Served as Coach of the National Table Tennis team.
  • Taught Mechanical Engineering at RIT


  • Ba Wai
Mao Toon Siong


Kyar Ba Nyein

  • Competed in Olympics
  • Trained young boxers
  • Promoted Burmese Martial Arts
  • Excellent Checkers (Kyar) player
  • Featured in Ludu Daw Ah Mar’s book on “Mandalay Thar and Mandalay Thu”


  • Thein Myint
    Represented Burma in SEAP, Asian Games and Olympics
  • Tin Tun are Burma Boxing Champions
    Represented Burma in SEAP, Asian Games and Olympics

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