Minthuwun, Zaw Gyi & K *

U Wun (Minthuwun), U Khin Zaw (“K”) and U Thein Han (Zawgyi)

  • U Khin Zaw founded BBS (Burma Broadcasting Service, Myanmar Ah Than) and served as its Director.
  • Earlier, he was Chief Librarian of Rangoon University Library.
  • U Thein Han studied Burmese and Library Science.
    For many years, he served as Chief Librarian of Rangoon University Library and Rangoon University Central Library (RUCL).
  • U Wun headed the Translation Department at Rangoon University.
  • He served as Professor of Burmese at RU, and as Visiting Professor at Osaka University.
  • He is a Lexicographer.
    He compiled the Myanmar Abhidan.
    He worked with Professor Harada (Chit Man Nwe) and team on the Japanese-Burmese Dictionary.
  • Zawgyi and Minthuwun are Laureate Poets.
    They co-founded Khit San Sar Pay with Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin).
    The three were the early students of Saya U Pe Maung Tin (Pali and Burmese Scholar, first native Principal of Rangoon College).


  • In the early days, some Faculties of RU had libraries.
  • Under the then new Education System, most Universities and Institutes had their libraries.
  • The main library was known as RUCL (RU Central Library).
  • Saya Zawgyi has a bust honoring him as the Librarian of RU Library and RUCL.
  • Daw Myint Myint Khin and U Thaw Kaung were Assistant Librarians for the Faculty of Social Science.
  • Daw Myint Myint became RIT Librarian.
  • U Thaw Kaung became RUCL Librarian.


  • U Khin Zaw was assisted by his cousin U Pe Thaw and his wife.
  • U Than Myint was his mentee.
  • U Kyaw Nyein, U Hla Bu & Daw Olive, Alison Tun Ngwe, Daw Than Hnit and others produced high quality programs.
  • Several BBS members were offered assignments and permanent positions at BBC and VOA.


  • “K” wrote a semi-autobiography in “Burma In My Time”.
  • The title had to be changed “Myanmar In My Time” for the reprint.
  • Ko Wint Khin Zaw mailed me a copy of his father’s book.
  • “K” provided the music and some translations for “Maung Khway Boh” nursery songs.
  • The work is based on kabyars by Minthuwun.
U Khin Zaw
U Khin Zaw
U Khin Zaw and U Than Myint
U Khin Zaw transcribing Burmese song
U Khin Zaw and Duke Ellington
U Khin Zaw explaining about Saing Waing
U Khin Zaw and Count Basie


  • Dalaban (U Htin Kyaw) wrote several articles about his father Minthuwun (e.g Burmese terms for RU, Departments and Disciplines).
  • Minthuwun compiled a list of Outstanding Burmans (in their fields).
  • Aspiring poets studied “Su Tu Pyu” and other books by Minthuwun.
No photo description available.
No photo description available.
Minthuwun and Htin Kyaw
Burmese Nursery Songs
For Maung Khway
Sample Song


  • Zawgyi’s kabyars are recited around the world not only by renowned speakers but also children (e.g contest for reciting kabyars).
  • There is a PBS documentary about Saya’s famous kabyar (Bedar Lann) with the translation by Dr. Lyn Swe Aye.
No photo description available.
Bust of Zawgyi

Burmese Sayas and Sayamas

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U Pe Maung Tin
  • Many Burmese Sayas and Sayamas are distinguished authors.
  • U Pe Maung Tin
  • U E Maung (Thant Sin) & Daw Khin Mya Mu (Kyauksar)
  • U Chan Mya (Mya Ketu)
  • U Toe Aung (Kutho)
  • U Kyaw Yin (Rector)

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