Pioneers *


  • U Pe Maung Tin
    First native Principal of Rangoon College
  • Dr. Htin Aung
    First native Rector of University of Rangoon
  • U Ba Hli
    First native Dean of Engineering, University of Rangoon
  • Dr. Mya Tu
    Founder/Director of Burma Medical Research Institute
  • Dr. Chit Swe
    Founder/Director of UCC

Early Burmese Scholars in the UK

  • Dr. Hla Myint
  • Dr. Tha Hla
  • Dr. Maung Maung Kha
    Meteorological Physics

Recipients of the Twinning Program

  • Dr. Aung Gyi
    BS, MS from MIT
  • U Min Wun
    BS from MIT, MS from Cornell
  • U Maung Maung Than
    BS from Clemson, MS from Lowell
  • U Khin Aung Kyi
    BS, MS from MIT
  • U Aung Khin
    BS, MS from Lehigh
  • U Sein Hlaing
    MS from MIT
  • U Tin Swe
    MS from Michigan
  • U Sein Win
    BS, MS from Michigan

Founders of Khit San Sar Pay

  • Theikpan Maung Wa
    ICS U Sein Tin
  • Zawgyi
    U Thein Han
  • Minthuwun
    U Wun

There were the early students at the then newly established “Burmese Department” at the University of Rangoon (per request of Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin, Pali and Burmese Scholar).

Founders of UCC

  • Dr. Chit Swe
    Founder Director
  • U Soe Paing
  • U Myo Min
  • U Ko Ko Lay


Early Burmese Sayadaws in the UK

  • U Thithila
  • Dr. Rewata Dhamma

Early Burmese Sayadaws in the USA

  • U Silanandabhivamsa
    Dhammananda Vihara, Northern California
  • Penang Sayadaw
    Southern California
  • U Kelasa
    East Coast

Early Non-Burmese Sayadaws in Burma

  • U Lokanatha
    Former Chemist in the USA
    Italian Buddhist Monk
  • Ashin Ananda
    Formerly Reverend F. Lustig
    Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia

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