Uniform *

Uniform may stand for “one form“.


Some schools may mandate their students to wear uniform on specified days (and may be every day).

Grapevine says that Bogyoke Aung San and U Thant had a debate on Uniform (during their University days).

During our younger days, we had to perform drill at (a) the Annual Sports at School Sports and (b) at the Aung San Stadium for specified events (e.g. Education Day Celebration). We had to dress up in uniform.

A uniform specifies items (some of which are mandatory)

  • Short or long pants (e.g. Kakki)
  • Shirt (e.g. long sleeved white shirt)
  • Necktie
  • Badge
  • Coat
SPHS Uniform

There could be alternatives : Pasoe (or Longyi), Taik Pon and Gaung Baung for the Burmese dress.

The full uniform is worn at formal functions (e.g. Award Presentation Ceremony).

Sayagyi U Ba Hli, Dean of Engineering, is seen in photos wearing a uniform.

Those joining UTC (Universities’ Training Corps) are given two sets of [usually old] uniforms. Most prefer to buy or order their own.

UTC Uniform

RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club) awards Half Green, Full Green and Gold. RUBC specifies Dress Code for the award winners.

RUBC Uniform

In the USA, sports team have at least two sets of uniforms : one for playing at Home, and another for playing elsewhere.

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