Senior alumni and sayas *

For HMEE-2012 project, U Myo Myint (EC67, RUBC Gold) submitted several photos including the “Reunion of the Class of 48 and 49” photo. The class included

  • U Boon Pin (GBNF, retired Deputy Chief Engineer, Burma Railways, father of Ko “Robert” San Lin, EC 73) graduated with Mech/Elect combined major. He passed away.
  • U Soe Aung (father of Daw “Janet” Thynn Thynn Khaing, EP 70)
  • U Po Han (Deputy Minister, PWD), U Min Han (father of Ko “Johnny” Nyein Min, C 79)
  • U Gym Kho (uncle of U Myo Myint, EC 67)
  • Sayagyi U Kyaw Tun (father of Dr. Elizabeth Kyaw Tun and Daw Dorothy Kyaw Tun).

Saya U Soe Khaw (GBNF, 90+ years young) taught mining part-time at BOC College. Saya U Soon Sein (Mawgunwin, GBNF) took over as full-time saya and Head of Mining department.

Saya U Nyi Hla Nge (C 69, retired Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, former Rector) wrote an article in Burmese/Myanmar in an MES magazine several years back. The article has a photo of the early Dean/Rectors such as

  • U Ba Hli
  • U Yone Moe
  • Dr. Aung Gyi
  • U Khin Aung Kyi
  • U Maung Maung Than

U Tin U attended Rangoon University in 1946. He is a Past Captain and Gold of Rangoon University Boat Club. He studied BSCE at Oregon State University and MSCE at Yale University. He taught part-time at the Civil Engineering Department, U Tin U (C) ggave an interview to Saya U Soe Paing (EE, UCC) and U Htin Myaing (A66) for the HMEE-2012 project.

U Aw Taik Maw (C 54) did his postgraduate studies at MIT under the “Twinning System”. He credited the idea to Sayagyi U Ba Hli, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

Saya Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (GBNF, retired Adviser of National Planning, retired Director General of UBARI) taught part-time at EE department and also served as external examiner at UCC. He wrote an article about his father in the commemorative issue of “RIT Alumni International Newsletter” for SPZP 2000.

Sayagyi U Min Wun did his BSCE at MIT along with Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi. He thanked Saya Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (ScD) for helping and encouraging them during their stay at MIT. Sayagyi U Min Wun did his MS at Cornell University and specialized in Photogrammetry. His interests also included Western and Eastern astronomy and astrology. He served as Adviser on the “Myanmar Pyeikkadein Ah Phwe”. Saya was an early contributor to the newsletter updates.

Saya Dr. Khin Maung Swe (Tekkatho Maung Thin Char) published a book on the life/journey of Sayagyi U Ba Toke (retired Rector of MASU, retired Professor of Mathematics at RIT). It has a section about Sayagyi missing the March exam due to his participation in a student strike camp and passing all the subjects in the supplementary/compartmental examination in June/July. Since the stipends/scholarships were considered only for those who passed the March exam, Sayagyi decided to forgo his dream of becoming an engineer and instead pursue an Honors program in Mathematics. Sayagyi is 90+ years young and a “Phwa Bet Taw” of Rangoon University Act (1920) and the first RU Student Strike (1920).

Sayagyi U Aung Hla (Math, GBNF), his spouse (Daw May Than), and his son (Ko Mya Than) are all talented musicians. Sayagyi also annotated Burmese music.

Sayagyi U Kar (Maths, GBNF), father of Saya Dr. Tin Maung (Maths, UCC/ICST, GBNF), served as Minister of Education in the Caretaker Government.

Saya U Hla Maung (Burmese, GBNF) taught Abhidhamma in his spare time. Several of the courses were held at the premises of Daw Khin Than Nwe’s parents. Saya served as member of the “Myanmar Sar Commission” and as “Naing gan daw kaung si win”.

Saya Dr. Yan Naing Lwin (Physics), sixth son of Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin, had a copy of the Burmese/Myanmar state scholars studying in the US universities and institutes around ’54 – ’55. The list was published in a very early update and includes Sayagyi U Sein Hlaing (EE, GBNF) and Sayagyi U Tin Swe (EE, GBNF).

Sayagyi H Num Kok (C, 90+ years young) served as timer/judge for many years at the RUBC regattas. His younger brothers H Num Fatt and H Num Kok (Saya U Myint Lwin, C 61,
who rowed stroke for Faculty of Engineering eights) are alums.

At SPZP-2000, Sayagyi U Khin Aung Kyi (retired Rector, retired Professor of ChE) paid physical respect to his sayas: Sayagyi H Num Kok and Sayagyi U Ba Toke.

Several pioneer engineers (e.g. Saygyi U Kyaw Tun, EE) studied at UK for associate and full membership of the organizations (e.g. AMIEE). Some did their B.Sc. and/or
Special Honors (which is a requisite for entering the Masters program).

Sayagyi U Kyaw Tun is the father of Dorothy, and jokingly said that his son-in-laws must be doctors. Ko Tin Aung Win recounted in one of the “Countdown to the Reunion” how he became known as Dr. Tin Aung Win. Sayagyi’s elder daughter Elizabeth has a doctorate in English.

Saya C Ping Lee (EE), father of Dr. Win Aung (M 62, iNEER), served as Director of Vocational and Technical Education. For details, see another “Countdown” entry by Dr. Win Aung.

Ko Ohn Khine (M 70) and Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP 70) covered some aspects (e.g. ILA, UTC, sports, debates) in their joint article (that has been published and reprinted a couple of times).

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