Lottery *

Types of Lottery

The types of Lottery vary by country and state.

Well known ones include

  • Power Ball
  • Mega Millions
  • Super Lotto

The winners have an option to take the grand prize in installments over a specified period of years, or to take lump sum. They have to pay applicable taxes.

The shop gets a commission for selling winning tickets.

Aung Bar Lay

  • During our younger days, Aung Bar Lay Lottery announced the winners every two months (or so).
  • Resellers bought a set of 11 tickets for 20 kyats.
  • A lottery ticket sold for two kyats.
  • The top prize at one time was One Lakh Kyats.
  • One advertisement ran, “Do not reject the suitor outright. He has an ‘Aung Bar Lay’ ticket in his pocket.”

Aung Su Pan and Imitators

  • Some (e.g. Aung Su Pan, Kandawgalay) became big distributors.
  • They promised to inform the winners (who do not need to find out from the newspapers or from the radio broadcasts.

[Per Dr. Nyunt Wai] :

To avoid law suit, Aung Kha Yu Pan was created. Near the main Aung Su Pan lottery shop in Thein-gyi-zay, we could see smaller shops on the platform in front. One of these was Aung Kha-Yu Pan. Hanging Sabai pan-gones (jasmine garlands) between Kha and Yu, the sign board looked just like Aung Su Pan. Because the main shop was crowded, some people bought tickets from Aung Kha Yu Pan, thinking it was a road-side stand of Aung Su Pan.

Branding Campaigns

  • Cigarette manufacturers such as London Gold Flake (by U Win Shein & company) and Ludu Cigarette (by U Cho & company) started selling lottery tickets.
  • They require the buyer to provide a specified number of empty/used cigarette packets to get a lottery ticket from them.
  • The winners of the tickets received bonuses.
    One Lakh on top of the One Lakh prize.
    Vacation and/or round-trip air tickets


  • According to statistics, there is a very low probability of winning the Grand Prize (often known as the Jack Pot).
  • There are many who have never won a lottery prize.
  • Yet, there are some lucky people who won the Grand Prize several times.
  • A few won lottery games several times in a single day.
  • Some rely on their luck and their guts to choose the time and place to buy lottery tickets.

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