Then and Now *


I have two loving Myees.

  • My grand daughter and I are both August born.
  • We celebrate our birthdays together.
  • She is attending 2nd Grade.
  • She won the “Super Reader ” award.
  • She also completed Level 1 for Swimming.
  • Four years ago, I came back from a medical checkup. She phoned, “Grandpa, who’s your doctor? Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”
  • My grand son is 4+ years old.
  • He can dribble a basketball for thirty seconds (or more) and shoot at the basket
  • He can ride a tricycle, climb chutes at the play ground, sing (even some songs that he was not taught explicitly), dance, and ask questions (e.g. Who bought the house? car?).
  • He is attending pre-school.
  • Both can use and play with smart phones. They can take photos.
  • The same can be said of most kids in the Age of Internet and Social Media.


  • In our younger days, we had “Chalk and Talk” but no TV, Computers, Internet and Social Media.
  • We had parents and teachers who loved and groomed us.
  • Everyday was “Father’s Day” and “Mother’s Day”.
  • We had reasonably good education for fifteen kyats per month.
  • The teachers taught their best.
  • We had no need for private tuition.
  • There were excellent libraries.
  • We could buy text books and references at reasonable prices.
  • We could buy or borrow magazines, journals, cartoons. and comics.
  • In those days, people understand and appreciate Civics, Ethics, Knowledge and Experience Sharing, Metta (Loving kindness), Karuna (Compassion), Mudita (Altruistic joy) and Uppekkha (Equanimity).

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