U Yone Moe

by U Wynn Htain Oo (M72)

  • Sayagyi U Yone Moe is RIT’s first Rector and our Rector.
  • For us he is more than a Rector because he is the father of our Mech 72 Kyaw Moe and we treat him like our uncle. He was very gentle and kind gentleman.
  • One evening during our school days,while 2 of my”notorious” Mech72 friends were joyfully swimming in the Circle Pool in front of the main building, they were suddenly caught by the Rector. Naturally they were very much afraid.
  • But SAYAGYI just told them, ‘You young gentlemen, this is not the swimming pool. There is University swimming pool and if you want to swim please go there’ and left. That’s all. You can see how much those “notorious” Mech 72 friends were relieved.
  • We love our Rector and remember him ALWAYS.

Categories: Memories

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