Veda (Album)


  • U Myaing
  • Dr. Chit Swe
  • U Min Wun
  • U Kyaw Min (Pituka)
  • U Myint Sein
  • U Aye Win Kyaw
  • U Mya Sein
  • U Nyan Win
  • U Tin Aung

Most are GBNF.
U Min Wun is the exception.

U Myint Sein

  • U Myint Sein was my friend from Primary school.
  • Matriculated from SPHS in 1964.
  • Graduated with B.Com (IT) in 1968.
  • Managed Family Business
  • Founding member and EC of Burma Astro Research Bureau (BARB).
  • Principal at BARB.
  • Requested me to develop programs for Veda calculations and predictions.
  • Ko Win Latt developed Win Horo.
  • Ko Zaw Tun developed a Prolog program for prediction.
  • As a “Jack of all trades and Master of some”, I ended up sharing my Veda knowledge to selected Computer Science students and my Computing expertise to selected Veda sayas.
  • Several BARB sayas and students use programmable calculators and hand held computers for their study and practice.
  • U Myint Sein led discussion groups at selected houses (e.g. U Khin Maung San, Bohmu Thane Myint) over lunch.
  • I became acquainted with Veda sayas : U Khin Aung Bo, U Than Htay, U Myint Lwin and Bogyi Kyaw Zan Hla (to name a few).
  • I also wrote articles (with three pen names) for Jotisha Veda magazine.
  • A few years back, I visited U Myint Sein at his house.
    He showed me the text he had written for the School of Indigenous Medicine, where he was a Visiting Professor.
    He was fond of Medical Astrology.
    Several doctors would seek his advice.
  • He founded IDEA Astrology.
  • He passed away peacefully in his house (while watching TV).
  • He had earlier come back from Okkalapa where he had brunch.

Veda Sayas

  • U Myint Sein (GBNF) served as Principal at BARB
  • U Aye Win Kyaw (GBNF) taught Astronomy
  • U Than Htay taught Ganita
  • U Myint Lwin (GBNF) taught Phalita
  • U Khin Aung Bo (GBNF) taught Thanhita
  • There were several assistant and part time sayas and sayamas.
  • Graduated with Civil Engineering from RIT in 1970
  • Taught at RIT
  • Developed programs for Astronomy and Astrology
  • Taught Astronomy at BARB and MARB
  • Passed away in Pwin Oo Lwin a few years back
  • Taught Ganita at BARB and MARB
  • Vice President, MARB
  • Published books (based on lecture notes) and almanac
  • Recovered from some health problems
  • Taught Phalita at BARB and MARB
  • Vice President, MARB
  • Helped compile and publish the Veda Calendar
  • Passed away some years back

  • Taught Thanhita at BARB and MARB
  • President, MARB
  • Passed away peacefully while praying
    on May 13, 2020 at the tender age of 80.
  • Was relatively strong and healthy despite his love of cigarettes
U Khin Aung Bo

Sad News


ယနေ့ 13-5-2020 (May 13, 2020)
နံနက် 07:05 အချိန်တွင်

#ကွယ်လွန် သွားပါကြောင်း

မြန်မာနိုင်ငံဝေဒသုတေသနအဖွဲ့ အား
ဝမ်းနည်းစွာ အသိပေးအပ်ပါသည်။

Last Journey

(၁၅.၅.၂၀၂၀) နေ့လည် ၁၂နာရီခွဲ နေအိမ်မှကားများထွက်ခွာပြီး ရေဝေးသုသာန်၌ ၂နာရီ မီး သဂြိုလ်မည်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။

BARB & MARB Updates

  • Of the original EC members of BARB, Saya U Min Wun is the lone survivor.
  • Saya U Aye Win Kyaw was sad to lose his son unexpectedly due to electrical safety.
    He passed away due to his medical condition.
    The family suffered a double tragedy.
  • Former BARB sayas (U Khin Aung Bo, U Myint Lwin, U Than Htay, U Hla Win, U Kyaw Myint …) founded MARB.
  • U Kyaw Myint (T72) succeeded U Khin Aung Bo as President of MARB.
  • His older brother Dr. Kan Nyunt is a Patron of MARB.
  • Other MARB sayas include U Hla Win, U Thein Aung, U Soe Thein, Dr. Aung Myin Bo.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is veda-2.jpg
  • High School Luyechun.
  • Current President of MARB.
    Succeeded U Khin Aung Bo.
  • Expert on indigenous medicine.
  • Youngest of 13 siblings.
  • Four are alive and well.
    Saya Saw (85 years young) was good at writing Yee Zar Sar. He was reprimanded by his aunt for supposedly helping a friend to write YZS to give to his cousin.
    Bagyi Kan (83 years) is a doctor and Patron of MARB. He translated several Veda texts.
    U Sein Tun (81 years) and U Kyaw Myint (70 years) would pay respect to Saya Saw and Bagyi Kan (following the noble tradition).
    Note that several younger than U Sein Tun passed away.
  • U Kyaw Myint supposedly wrote a long letter to the parents of a classmate & belle (presenting why is an invaluable suitor).
    Not sure if he learned the art of YZS from Saya Saw.
  1. Core Organizer of RIT Saya Pu Zaw Pwes and activities.
  2. Attended DAC
  3. Studied at BARB and taught at MARB.
  4. He was Secretary and/or VP of MARB, and a member of Myanmar Pyeik Ka Dein Ah Phwe.
  5. He used to send me his car and/or a Veda saya to pick me up to visit the old MARB office.
  • Studied at BARB
  • Taught at MARB
  • Dr. Aung Myin Bo (who is not related to U Khin Aung Bo) studied Veda from distinguished sayas and also helped them (e.g doing research and writing / refining Veda programs).
    He gave me a ride to visit the old and new MARB offices.

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