Six Photos *

  • Three photos are quite old.
  • Three photos are somewhat recent.

Photo from the mid-60s

When I posted the picture, one reader commented, “This is a boarder feeling helpless because he had not received money from his parents.”

  • I was a day scholar.
  • I had a free ride from my cousin Saya U Ba Than.
  • I received K75 for the Collegiate Scholarship. After paying K15 for tuition, the remaining money was good enough.
  • I am not photogenic.
  • I am not known for good smiles (except when I’m spending quality time with my Myees).

Photo from the 70s

  • My spouse attended Leik Khone for her 1st MBBS classes.
  • With our two sons

Photo taken (within the past three years)

  • My elder son and my elder Myee rooting for Golden State Warriors.
  • No (30) is the Jersey of Steph Curry (Point Guard, two-time Regular Season MVP, three-time NBA Champion).
  • My younger Myee would also shout “Go Warriors”.
  • He would occasionally give me a “Big Kiss”.

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