Neikban [Zaw] *

  • Neikban is the Burmese term for Nibanna (in Pali) and Nirvana (in Sanscrit).
  • It is rendered as “Liberation” or “Enlightenment”.
  • Some associations for Dhamma activities are known as “Neikban Zaw Ah Phwe”. The volunteers for Dhamma activities often call themselves “Neikban Zaw”.
Article by Neikban Zaw
Article by Neikban Zaw
  • It is the pen name of my beloved spouse.
  • She wrote articles for Dhammananda Newsletter.
  • A Question and an Answer (article)
  • Ko Seik Kyan Mar Yay (article)
  • Wut Hmar Ah Myair Nga Yair Ah Pa (article)
  • Doctor turned patient (article & translation)

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