SPZP-2000 (TH) *

As the seed is, so the fruit will be

My hearty congratulation to members of the Northern California RIT Alumni International, the Steering Committee, and the Working Committee, for successfully organizing the Grand Reunion and ‘Saya Pu Zaw Pwe’ in San Francisco on October 28, 2000. I was extremely happy to be part of a huge gathering of more than 300 people at the Embassy Suite Hotel, where former Rectors, Head of Departments, Professors, Lecturers, Assistant Lecturers, were there together with alumni members, associates, families and guests.

Although I graduated as an Architect (40) years ago, it seems only like yesterday to be back with them again. I thank the organizers and the participants for having this wonderful and memorable opportunity of a life time and I will never forget this historical event. It won’t be wrong for me to say that the vision and foresight of the pioneers, knowing the values and importance of organizational works, established ‘BASES’ and ‘BAPS’ in California, did the ground work for many years and thus also assisted in having this historical gathering. However, the turning point was the wise and timely suggestion made by Saya U Soe Paing and the decision taken the “Bay area Advisory Group” led by Saya Allen Htay, in taking advantage and making good use of the information technology. This resulted in getting connected internationally with RIT alumni around the world within a short period of time, and eventually culminated into this premier Myanmar Architects and Engineers reunion of the millennium. For this, I wish to congratulate Johnny Hla Min and Khin Maung Zaw for their “cetena”, dedication and concerted effort in starting with a seemingly causal e-mail service, that led to the birth of website. Without this, I really don’t know how all of us can get connected within such a short span of time, and be able to communicate and pass on crucial information like we have been doing. Thus, I sincerely wish to express my special thanks to both of you for the valuable services rendered in spite of the busy work schedule and personal sacrifices. I do hope that you all will continue to nurture this valuable tool for the benefit and convenience of our group in particular and that of the Myanmar community in general. My list won’t be complete without mentioning Benny Tan and Maurice Chee for their valuable services and contributions made. Lastly, a big thank you to all those who were actively involved in this great event and hope that you will understand for being unable to thank individually by name. Because of your sincere efforts and hard work, the good seeds that have been sown has started to bear some good fruits. As the seed is, so the fruit will be. As the action is, so the result will be.

When we all left our motherland looking for a greener pasture, you all will concur that we do share a common goal, i.e. to have a better way of life. Because of this event and through the e-mails and the website, I am glad to know that majority of us have (had) good jobs, good education for the children and a comfortable life, thus fulfilling our goals. Some of us have even retired. Some are preparing to retire. The good seeds sown decades ago have bear fruits which we all have been enjoying. Thus, it is obvious that we need to keep on sowing good seeds in order to continue enjoying the fruits of our labor. However, every one of us might not be fully aware of how this process works. Especially when we have a Myanmar saying “Pyinnar – shi – ta – di – phyit – khe’ ” (learned persons tend to lack awareness).

May all beings be happy.

Tin Htoon (A60) California, USA

Editor’s note:

U Tin Htoon’s pastime is reading Buddhist literature and help publish some of them via Triple Gems Publication, and practicing vipassana meditation in the tradition of Ledi Sayadaw, Saya Thet, Saya U Ba Khin and Saya Mr. Goenka.

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