Heritage *

  • Heritage may stand for property handed over to an heir.
  • Heritage may mean tradition.
  • Heritage may mean something that is transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor


UNESCO provides grant for sites that have been accepted as “UNESCO Heritage Site”.

Some ancient Pyu sites (e.g. Hanlin) are designated as UNESCO Heritage Site.

Yangon Heritage Trust

Yangon Heritage Trust has recognized several old schools as Yangon City Heritage. They include :

  • SPHS (St. Paul’s High School)
  • St. John’s College (originally called St. John’s Diocesan [Boys] School)
  • MEHS (Methodist English High School)
  • Myoma National School
St. John’s Dio

Historic Sites

In the USA, some sites and buildings are deemed to be “historic” (e.g. 150+ years old).

Restrictions are placed on how to upgrade them.

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