HM : Trust


  • Back in the days of our parents and grand parents, one is sure to get back a misplaced item.
  • My friend (Ko Patrick) remembered that his father left a hat at Rangoon Turf Club and he found it untouched on his “preferred” seat the next week.
  • In our younger days, we were delighted to know that”most doors (in some parts of Yamethin) were left open at night”. It was an indication of a high level of trust among people.
  • Later, we saw guarded windows and doors (with multiple locks) in most places. It might indicate a deterioration of trust among people.

Decline / Erosion of Trust

  • Trust also eroded in the USA.
    In addition to the locks, there are security cameras and recording systems to deter vandalism and thefts.
  • In some places, car windows are broken to take away valuables in the car. Restaurants place signs “Do not leave valuables in your car”.
  • Around the world, more people lost trust in banking corporations and investment firms after being hit by Ponzi schemes and variants.


  • The use of simple passwords has given way to longer pass phrases that are harder to crack.
  • Login to computer systems prefer multi-factor authentication (e.g. bio-metrics).
    The computer sends back a code to be used for verification. Even then, no system that has a “back door” is safe forever. It may be safe for a specified period of time.

New View

  • Companies track the activities of their employees.
    Essentially, no one is to be trusted fully in the modern age with a gazillion of malicious schemes.
  • A different view of trust has evolved.
    People check feedback (e.g. on Yelp) to decide if a product or service is trustworthy.
    How much does an average person trust a room-sharing service or a ride-sharing service or a “friend” on an Internet Chat?

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