HM : MD and PhD


  • MD may stand for Doctor of Medicine.
  • MD may stand for Managing Director.
  • MD may stand for Maryland, a State in the USA.


Ph.D stands for Doctorate in Philosophy., where Phil means “love of” and Sophy means “wisdom”.

MD and Ph.D

Some medical doctors have MD and PhD.

  • Barry Paw (GBNF), son of Saya U Htin Paw (EE58), is an MD, PhD.
    He passed away on a plane from a flight from Australia to the USA.
  • Win May (Winsome Ba Thike, MEHS61) is an MD, PhD.
    She is a Full Professor at University of Southern California (USC).
  • Hla Yee Yee (MEHS61) is an MD, PhD.
    She retired as full professor at International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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