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HM : Last Posting of SPZP-2000

Ko Maurice Chee (M75) told me of a management workshop that he attended a few months back. The instructor told him to imagine lying in a coffin and thinking what eulogy he would like to hear. Now, he can tell his instructor that he’d like to be remembered as the work horse that staged the RIT-related gala event of the millennium and to have worked closely with Ko Benny Tan, a perfectionist who gave more time and energy to the SPZP than his enterprise for four months or so.

While we honor our golden sponsors, we should not forget all the pieces that fell together at the right place at the right time to make this momentous event successful, fruitful, and memorable.

  • Our teachers, often strict and stern, set high moral standards.
  • Our parents directly or indirectly helped us get a decent education that can withstand acid tests.  Our motherland gave us a culture that is pure and priceless.
  • Our motherland gave us a culture that is pure and priceless.

All of them gelled us into a network of hardworking, flexible, talented professionals for whom the sky’s the limit.

It’s 2:50 a.m. as I’m closing the final chapter of an unparalleled event. We could dwell on this subject for many more weeks and months, but we’d like to end memories of the event on a high note.

True, there are issues to be solved or things that can be improved. We would certainly be writing new chapters of another book. I sincerely hope that there will be fresh talents to complement the old-timers.

From an informal project involving one or two persons, it’s now time to have “RIT Alumni International” as a formal world-wide organization spanning multiple continents. That is an important step to carry out long-term and short-term goals as suggested by Ko Benny and others.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to the “Countdown” and “Post Reunion” in general and this Grand Finale in particular, to our countless faithful readers who have bookmarked http://www.ex-rit.org as a favorite site, and to all those who appreciate that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” and “if one person can dream, others can fulfill”.

Although the SPZP poem has been printed in the special issue of the RIT Alumni International Newsletter, and is present in a page on the Reunion special pages, I’d like to reprint it here. It epitomizes what we have worked for the past one and a half years.


S eems like it was only yesterday
A t our alma mater in a land far away
Y ou taught us to work, play, laugh, even cry
A nd coaxed us, forced us to aim for the sky

P roblems in real life, lab, computation, survey
U nderstand concepts, design, display, …
Z eal, zest, ardor, grit, passion to make it “our day”
A rchitects, engineers, we’ve come here to say
W e honor your metta, your cetana — we fully can’t repay

P resently we meet, alum from five decades we greet
W ith memories true, fond, sweet
E cstatic yet sad that the GBNF could not join this memorable fete

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