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HM : Kidney

  • A human body has built-in redundancies.
  • There are two kidneys, but some people can live with one kidney.
  • U Aung Zaw Maung (Pet78, ex-UCC) mentioned that his father lived for 40 years with one good kidney.


  • Saya U Tin Hlaing (M59, GBNF) was Head of the Agricultural Engineering (sub-department of Mechanical Engineering).
  • Had kidney problem, but he did not have access to the two dialysis machines (that were for VIP in Burma).
  • Applied for passport and visa to have medical treatment abroad, but he did not receive them in time.


U Aung Zaw (UCC, GBNF)

  • Saya is indebted to his spouse Daw Kyawt, who donated her kidney.
    It was not an exact match, but the match was good enough for the transplant.
  • The true love story can be read in Saya’s first book “Bawa and Dhamma“.
    I wrote a Foreword for the book.
  • He published a second bookCetana Thi Tha Kan“.
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  • The book has a section written by me based on his ideas.
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Henry Lim (Aung Myint)

  • Served as Chief Editor of the BAPS Newsletter.
  • Associate Editor of the commemorative issue of “RIT Alumni International Newsletter” for SPZP-2000.
  • Founded the “Golden Padauk” and “Durian” magazines in the San Francisco Bay Area, but at his doctors’ advice, he stopped publishing the magazines to preserve his health.
  • Luckily, he found a match for his kidney transplant.

Aung Khin (SPHS63, DSA, GBNF)

  • Second son of Dr. Ko Gyi (Medical Superintendent of EENT).
  • Both he and his younger brother Thein Wai were our classmates.
  • Had two kidney transplants.
  • [Per U Aung Kyi] U Aung Khin succumbed while he was trying to have a third transplant.

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