HM : Google

Google is a deliberate misspelling of Googol (1E100, or 1 followed by 100 zeros).

Google is not the first search engine, but it leveraged the power of multiple processors, Page ranking, translation, and Ad Sense.

Several books have been written about Google, GooglePlex, and the various products not only through R&D but also through acquired through logistic M&A.

Google bought Android and made it open source. Android-based mobile devices are ubiquitous. It is also noted that Google was able to fend off a lawsuit for “copyright violation of Java”.

Google is an active sponsor of ACM and CHM (Computer History Museum). It held company meetings and exhibits (including “Google Street Maps” and “Autonomous Vehicles”).

Vint Cerf, Past ACM President, is a co-author of TCP/IP. He serves as the Internet Evangelist at Google.

Google had a few “hits” by the publishing industry and authors, when it tried to scan books, journals, and documents to make it available online.

Per Professor Luc’s remarks, Googlers thinks outside the box and have passion. They not only think, but also enjoy thinking.

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