HM : Garawa

Garawa means paying respect.

The 80th birthday celebration of U Myint Thein (“MMT”, Uncle Monty, former Chief Justice of the Union of Burma, former Ambassador to China, author) was held at the residence of the British Ambassador Mr. Charles Booth.

U Myint Thein paid respect to his elder brother U Kyaw Myint (Barrister, Supreme Court Justice, Head of the Tribunal which tried Galon U Saw, former Dean of the Faculty of Law, Politician, Head of a private Law firm).

U Kyaw Myint and his Law Students

By Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

  • Father [U Kyaw Myint] was the Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Rangoon. He took classes in constitutional law as he explained why it was important to have a comprehensive constitutional law. He also lectured on criminal law.
  • The Prime Minister was the Chancellor of the Rangoon University. U Nu followed by U Ba Swe were Chancellors. [Ba Dwe] Dr. Htin Aung was Vice Chancellor. It was during U Ba Swe’s time that father was conferred LLD (in honoris causa), together with Emperor Haile Salasi of Ethiopia.
  • One anecdote about father: I was very curious when father marked the answer books of BL students. I once saw father giving pass to a student who answered only one question. Father showed me the book which the single answer almost fill. Father told me that although it was only one answer, he wrote as though it was a real lawyer’s brief while others “regurgitate” what they had learned from lectures and books. Father followed the career of his student. As father predicted he became one of the best lawyers in Burma (sorry, have forgotten the name).
  • Among his students were Guardian U Sein Win, Sao Hso Hom and U Mya Thein.
  • Father defended U Sein Win when he was arrested and charged for writing articles about the then government. The trial went on till the last day of summation by both sides. Uncle Sein Win told me about what father did. In that day, father stood up and announced that U Sein Win himself would present the summation. U Sein Win was aghast as he had not been told if this. He turned to my father who said “you can do it. If not you are not my student of law”. U Sein Win gave a very impressive summation of the case which was reported full in both national and international papers. And he was acquitted.
  • “Sawbwalay” Sao Hso Hom (Son of Arzanee Sao San Htun) together with [my Ba Dwe] U Myint Thein, was the first to be arrested and last to be released from custody. He visited my father in his office. Father told his former student that he could join their chambers if he was looking for a job. But he was offered a job by UN ending his career as Assistant Resident Representative in Fiji covering the Pacific islands. I recently bought “Burma, My Mother” by Saw Kaemawadde (Ma Ma Biddy) her autobiography. Very touching narration of her life. You can get a soft copy from Amazon.
  • U Mya Thein was senior adviser on the constitution. He is the son of a brilliant lawyer U Kyin Htone, and also my father’s student.

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