Meditation Center

  • The Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC) was founded by the Vietnamese disciples of Sayadaw U Silananda (GBNF).
  • TMC is located at 1215 Lucretia Avenue, San Jose, CA 95122
  • It’s web site is
  • Sayadaw U Silananda resided at TMC when the Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay was undergoing construction.


  • Several activities were suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Some activities (e.g. Daily Chanting) were done on-line.
  • Conducts about six long-term meditation retreats per year.
  • Offers two week-end retreats for months when there are no long-term retreats.
  • Holds summer classes : one for children and the other for young adults.
  • Published several books for Dhamma Dana distribution.


  • For the past few years, Sayadaw Dhammika-bhivamsa (Tharmanay Kyaw) taught Pali courses using selected Suttas to interested yogis to have an appreciation of Buddha’s teachings without delving into the details of Pali grammar.
  • The course materials were prepared by Som Tu (Director of TMC, Retired executive in Technology) under the guidance of Thamanay Kyaw Sayadaw.

Reference Books

  • I volunteered as Translator/Interpreter for Meditation Retreats at TMC.
  • Beelin Sayadaw U Pannadipa (then Resident Sayadaw at TMC, currently Padana Nayaka Sayadaw at Panditarama Shwe Taung Gone in Yangon) gave me the book “A Pali Myanmar-English Dictionary of the Noble Words of the Lord Buddha”.
  • The book was compiled by U Myat Kyaw (Myanmar Sar Ah Phwe) and translated into English by U San Lwin.
    U San Lwin (GBNF) is the older brother of Dr. Lyn Swe Aye, IM(2).
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  • TMC gave me the book “Buddhist Dictionary” by [Venerable] Nyantiloka.
  • It is subtitled “Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines“.
  • The first edition was published in 1946.
  • The third revised and enlarged edition was edited by [Venerable] Nyanaponika in 1970.
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  • U Hla Myint (former Sayadaw who had completed Dhammacariya and several monastic exams) gave me a PDF version of his manuscript “An Introduction to Pali” for study and review.
  • The book is available as Dhamma Dana distribution from TMC.
  • He studied Pali under the guidance of Mahagandayone Sayadaw U Jananabhivamsa (one of the greatest Pali scholars in the 20th century) and with the outstanding teachers U Vijaya-lankara and U Dhamika-bhivamsa (with pen name “Thamanay Kyaw”).
  • He studied English under the guidance of Sayadaw U Pandita-bhivamsa and with the eminent teachers such as U Aung Myat Thut, U Aye Maung and U Hla Maung.
  • He has written, translated and edited several books for TMC.

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