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HM : Stipend

Stipend may stand for Financial Aid. There may be terms (e.g. agree to work for a specified period after getting the degree).

In the 50’s, Military Stipends were given to eligible students studying Medicine and Engineering. The graduates join the Military as Commissioned Officers.

During our University days, Stipend holders receive 75 Kyats per month. The amount is the same as received by the Collegiate Scholarship winners. The net is 60 Kyats per month since the Tuition fees is 15 Kyats per month.

The stipend was sufficient even for students who have to live in hostels. The hostel fees was 57 Kyats.

Several US universities provide “Free Tuition” to eligible students. A few US universities provide Free Board and Lodging & Free Tuition to eligible students.

Dr. Yan Naing Lwin wrote :

When I started teaching at WIU in 1965, a few Burmese students started to arrive in Illinois. They were graduate students of RU, RIT & IM (Institute of Medicine).

They pursued their graduate study as GA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) or RA (Research Assistant). Their tuition was free & their stipends varied from $ 300/- to $ 600/- per month. Many hundreds have passed through WIU (Western Illinois University) & all of them are very successful. I think it was their previous background, their hard work, their ambitions, & camaraderie that existed among them!

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