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HM : Shwe Brothers

  • The two older brothers — U Shwe Kyaw and U Shwe Zan Aung — died prematurely.
  • The third brother (Dr. Shwe Tun Kyaw) took early retirement to help with the Meditation retreats.

U Shwe Kyaw

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Daw Khin Toe Myint
  • Graduated in 1963 with Mechanical Engineering
  • Joined the Burma Air Force and became a Pilot
  • He was Air Force Captain (Officiating Major) when he perished in a plane crash
  • Spouse : Sayama Daw Khin Toe Myint (Zoology)
    Sayama is a dhamma friend
  • Children : Two
    Thet Win played the Drums at SPZP-2000.

U Shwe Zan Aung

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  • Matriculated from SPHS in 1963
  • Joined the Army and had to go the front several times
  • His grandfather was afraid of losing another grandson prematurely. He requested Shwe Zan Aung to leave the army and promised to provide financial support in exchange for peace of mind.His grandfather supported Shwe Zan Aung’s family for a long time.
  • Finally joined a ship as radio operator
  • Perished at sea when the ship sunk

Dr. Shwe Tun Kyaw

  • Took early retirement from his medical practice in UK.
  • Assistant Teacher in several bi-lingual (Burmese and English) Goenka Center retreats.
  • Classmate of my younger sister.
    Met him and his spouse (doctor, Vipassana teacher) at the house of Audrey Wong (Yi Yi Khaing, C84), a volunteer for the Northern California Goenka center.

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