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HM : Prizes

Private Primary Boundary Road School

  • During my Kindergarten and Primary school at PPBRS, I won book prizes for standing First in the class.
  • Two books were in English.
    They cover illustrated stories.
    I love stories and story telling.
    The books may be a sign that I would become a story teller and an amateur historian.
  • One book “Ee Soot Pone Pyin” was a translation of Aesop Fables by Ngwe Tar Yee and Min Yu Way.
    Many of our generation will be familiar with “Ngwe Tar Yee Magazine”.
    The book may be a sign that I would become a translator.
  • I won a Thermos Flask for reciting “Mingalar Kabyar” by Saya Dagon U Tun Myint.
    The flask may be a sign that I would become a volunteer for dhamma courses and meditation retreats.

St. Paul’s High School

  • During my middle school days at SPHS, I won two pens in Saya U Pe Tin’s class.
    One for good handwriting and another for good behavior.
  • I won fifty pyas several times for doing well in the English tests given by Sayama Amelia Kyi (Miss Hong Kong).
    I could not afford to pay 25 pyas fine for failing her tests.
    The carrot and the stick worked for me.
  • During my high school days at SPHS, Brother Austin gave me a ticket to see “1960 Rome Olympics” at the Thamada (President) Cinema for reciting verses from “Morals and Manners”.
    It may be a sign that I would one day write and translate poems.
  • For doing well in a test, I won a book “History and Atlas of North America”.
    It may be a sign that I would study and work in the USA.
  • I owe an apology to Brother Austin.
    He predicted that I would be in the Top Three along with Khin Maung U and Min Oo in the Matriculation examination.
    Brother Austin would mark my homework with a 9 or a 10 and then subtract 2 with the note : “I need to have new eye glasses to read your tiny handwriting”. I ended up with a 7 or 8.
  • Because of my idiosyncrasies, I stood 7th in the whole of Burma and received a pen instead of a Gold Medal.
    I did not end up in the SPHS Roll of Honor (which listed the Top Five).
    Kenny Wong (MEHS63, M69) stood 6th.
  • Brother Austin relocated to Malaysia after the Nationalization of schools.
    He did not live long enough to see his obstinate student become mature and flexible.


  • I received prizes and awards from RUBC.
  • I received several awards (e.g. Distinguished Toastmaster) from Toastmasters International.
  • I received three Appreciation Awards for “RIT Alumni International Newsletter and Updates.
    The first one was at SPZP-2000.
    The second one was at the Soon Kwyay Gathering at Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay, California.
    The third one was at the Annual Dinner of NorCal RITAA.
  • The prize that I cherish most is the Smile and the occasional “slap on the back” by my beloved parents, sayas, sayamas, colleagues and friends.
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Toastmasters International

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