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HM : Changes over the years


  • In Latin, there are four terms :
    alumnus for “male student”
    almuna for “female student”
    alumni for “male students”
    alumnae for “female students”.
  • In modern usage, the term “alumni” applies to all students.

Days of Month

According to “Ripley’s Believe it or not”, a graveyard inscription has February 30th.

Grapevine says that two Caesars and/or their took away a day each from February to make July (named after Julius Caesar) and August (named after Augustus Caesar) to have 31 days instead of 30.

February became the shortest month of the calendar year with 28 days. It was given back an extra day on a leap year.

The earth takes about 365.2422 days to revolve round the sun, so the discrepancy became 0.9688 day every four years (or 97 days in 4 centuries).

In Gregorian calendar, a leap year is defined as a non-century year that is divisible by 4, and a century year that is divisible by 400.

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