HM : Buddhist Councils held in Burma

According to the Theravada Buddhist tradition, there are six Buddhist Councils.

The last two were held in Burma.


Ripley’s “Believe it or not” named U Khanti Kyauksar (inscriptions) of the Fifth Buddhist Council (Synod) held in Mandalay as the “Largest Book” in the world.

Kaba Aye

The Guinness Book of World Records listed Tipialkadara Sayadaw Ashin Vicittathara as having an outstanding memory — the best at that time [in 1954]. Sayadaw served as the Chief Reciter (a la Ashin Upali and Ashin Ananda at the First Buddhist Council) at the Sixth Buddhist Council held at KabaAye (World Peace) Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma from 1954 – 1956.

Sayadaw could memorize, recall, and give exposition on 8027 pages of the Buddhist Scriptures known as Tipitaka [“Three Baskets”] :

  • Vinaya – Rules of monastic conduct
  • Sutta – Buddha’s discourses
  • Abhidhamma – Ultimate reality)

He took the 2nd – 5th Tipitakadara examinations and passed with distinction in both oral and written parts. Sayadaw served as one of the examiners for the first Tipikadara examination. Sir U Thwin requested Sayadaw to take the examination. The rest is history.

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