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HM : Monastic Exams / Awards

Exams taken by most monks and/or novices

  • Pathama Nge : Lower grade
  • Pathama Latt : Middle grade
  • Pathama Gyi : Higher grade
  • Dhammacariya : Dhamma teacher (e.g. Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya)

Awards / Titles

  • Pathama Kyaw
    First in the Pathama pyan examination
  • Alankara
    Completed the Lanakra examination as a novice
  • Thamane Kyaw
    First in the Lankara examination
  • Abhivamsa
    Completed the Set Kyar Thiha Dhammacariya before the age of 26
  • Wunthaka
    First in the Dhammacariya examination
  • Thiromani
    Passed all subjects for Dhammacariya in one stroke
  • Pali Paragu
    Answered the Dhammacariya examination in Pali

Tipitaka Exams


  • Vinaya (oral)
  • Vinya (written)


  • Sutta (oral)
  • Sutta (written)


  • Abhidhamma Part I (oral)
  • Abhidhamma Part I (written)
  • Abhidhamma Part II (oral)
  • Abhidhamma Part II (written)

Tipitaka Awards / Titles

  • Tipitakadhara
         Bearer of the Tipitaka (‘recitation or oral’)
  • Tipitakadhara Tipitakakawida
         Bearer of the Tipitaka (‘oral’ and written’)
  • Tipitakadhara Dhammabhandagarika
        Keeper of the Dhamma Treasure

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