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HM : Mathematics

Texts in English and Burmese

  • During our younger days, we studied Basic Mathematics in English as well as Burmese.
  • The authors include U Thon, Daw Hla Kunt, and U Pan Yi.
    Some are based on English texts such as Workman.

In Primary School and Middle School we studied

  • Ganan Thin Char (Arithmetic)
  • Ek Khaya Thin Char (Algebra)
  • Gair Aw Me Hta Ree (Geometry)


In the old Government examinations, Mathematics examination is taken as two papers :

  • Thin Char (Tit)
  • Thin Char (Hnit).

For some time, the HSF and Matriculation offered Additional Mathematics.

  • For our Matriculation, we took Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. They seemed easy to Mathematical Geniuses like Min Oo (Kenneth), who had studied Calculus.


  • Rangoon University used to offer Double Maths (Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics) and Triple Maths (Pure, Applied and Statistics).
  • Most early sayas were experts in Pure Mathematics.

Concrete Mathematics

Some Professors in the USA view Mathematics as

  • Continuous Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics.

Professor Donald Knuth of Stanford University taught a course called “Concrete Mathematics” with topics from Continuous and Discrete Mathematics to Computer Science students. His teaching assistants published a book based on the course.

Computational Mathematics

With the advent of computers, “Computational Mathematics” became a discipline.

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