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HM : Bala

Bala means Strength or Prowess.

There are five kinds of Bala.

  • Kaya Bala : Physical Strength
    In our younger days, there were Kaya Bala Ah Thinn for developing Physical Strength. Some instructors have their names prefixed with “Kaya Bala”.
  • Nyana Bala : Mental Strength
  • Bawga Bala : Economic Prowess.
    In our quarters, there used to be an Oil Mill (Vendor) named “Bawga Bala”.
  • Meikta Bala : Skill for making friends
    U Nu’s translation of “How to win friends and influence people” was named “Meikta Bala Tika”. It’s earlier title was “Lu Paw Lu Zaw Loke Nee” (which did not seem diplomatic).
  • Caritta Bala : Moral Courage
    Perform Wholesome deeds
    Avoid Unwholesome deeds

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