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Latin terms

In Latin, there are four terms to specify students.

  • alumnus means “male student”
  • almuna means “female student”
  • alumni means “male students”
  • alumnae means “female students”

Alumni (Modern usage)

  • In modern usage, the term “alumni” applies to both male and female students.
  • It refers to former students (not necessarily graduates) of a school, college or university.
  • It may also refer to former employees of a company or corporation.

Most Universities have

  • Alumni Associations
  • Office of Alumni Relations

RIT Alumni International

  • RIT Alumni International was formed in 1999 with the primary objective of planning and implementing the First RIT Grand Reunion and SPZP (Saya Pu Zaw Pwe).
  • Saya Allen Htay (C58, GBNF) served as the President.
  • The RIT Alumni International Newsletter was published in April, 1999.
  • The Newsletter was posted on the two RIT web sites, Facebook groups and Google group.

RIT Alumni International Newsletter

The Newsletter and Updates cover

  • the good and sad news of sayas, sayamas and alumni
  • micro-gatherings, mini-gatherings, gatherings (by class and/or discipline), world wide Reunions and SPZPs
  • articles
  • photos

Northern California RIT Alumni Association

  • Northern California RIT Alumni Association was formed seven years ago as a continuation of the San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Group and RIT Alumni International.
  • Saya U Maung Maung (George, ChE66) served as the first President. His successors include U Kaung Kaung Oo (Gordon, M83) and U Aung Myint Oo (EC84).
  • Stan Liou (M67, Table Tennis) served as the first Chair of BOD (Board of Directors). His successor is Saya U Myat Htoo (C68).
  • U Thaung Nyunt (M87), U Myint Swe (EP74) and U Tin Maung Win (C86) served as Secretary for the different terms.
  • NorCal RITAA provides scholarship for the children of alumni in the USA.
  • NorCal RITAA works closely with RITAA in Yangon to provide scholarship for eligible YTU students.
  • NorCal RITAA facilitated to raise funds for the YTU Library Modernization Project. It donated $3000 for the training of Library Staff. It also provided the first installment of $6650 for the sign board and general fund.
  • Daw Mu Mu Kin has donated Saya Allen Htay’s books to YTU Library. In memory of Saya Allen, she also provided scholarships to YTU students.

RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association

  • RITAA is a short name for RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association.
    WHO often refers to it as ARITA.
  • U Tin Latt (M85) served as the first President. He is succeeded by U Myo Aye.
  • It has helped with the fund raising for the YTU Library Modernization Project.

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