Sad Loss of Manuscripts (TOKM) *

by Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

Before U E Maung [Professor of Burmese, University of Rangoon] died, he asked me to bring out exercise books with writings by [my paternal aunt] Daw Khin Mya Mu. In the books were transcript of many “Kyauk sar” and translation into Burmese of hundreds of stone scriptures from all over Burma. When I asked him why they were not published, he told me that no printing press [in those days] have fonts for the ancient writings. [Thus] they were all unpublished.

The sad thing was when Dr. Htin Aung [Rector, University of Rangoon, Ba Dway] left Burma, he had also left not only his books but drafts of books he wanted to finish and publish, mainly in history.

U E Maung donated his house and belongings to Tipitaka Sayadaw. When he passed away Dr. Tha Hla was given the task of selling the property and have as cash donation for Sayadaw. We were not informed but later on when I asked, I was told that except for some books, the handwritten documents were not saved anywhere. Felt very sad about losing the handwritten books.

Only some books were chosen to be donated to the Burmese Department of Rangoon University.

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