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PKT : May 8, 2020

Ye Lay

In September 2017, Peter and Win Mar hosted us at their house in Reading. We say first hand several expertise of Ye Lay.

Peter asked Ye Lay to play music for his guests. He was the leader, guitarist, composer and vocalist of a band.

During his visit to Myanmar, he would entertain his grandma with her favorite songs (e.g. Danny Boy). He would present his grandpa with his favorite “medicine” (Scotch Whiskey). Min Sway-Tin (Peter’s cousin) would arrange Ye Lay to give lectures (e.g. Python and applications) at the Physics Department and selected places. Ye Lay would also do programming / testing in the evenings and night for a project that he was working back in the UK.

During our visit to Reading, Ye Lay had taken a break to consider his options :

  • study for a second Masters (specializing in AI)
  • study for a doctorate
  • work as software developer and SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the UK or abroad

Peter asked Ye Lay to be my guide to visit Oxford University and to discuss with him at home and during the trip.

I called Ye Lay the other day to inquire about Win Mar’s health. He said that his mom is doing well. Ye Lay and Min Ko are staying with Win Mar. Since Min Ko had rented a flat / apartment for a couple of months, Pru visits daily from the flat.

Ye Lay remembered my chats with him. He said he had read my posts of his father’s final days (e.g. Ye Lay singing “Loch Lomond” and the trip to St. Andrew in Scotland for his second Masters degree). I requested him to archive Peter’s posts about cooking (e.g. recipes of his mother, grand uncles and grand aunts), his ancestors and photos.

Ye Lay is adding “Cloud” expertise to his repertoire. I wish him success in his endeavors.


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