March 5, 2011 *

Dear Sayas and Colleagues,

Saya U Soe Paing scanned selected magazines from the University Central Library.

Ko Thein Swe emailed a photo taken in 2010. He asked if people can recognize the names and faces in the photo.

From Saya U Soe Paing (EE, UCC)

I went to the Univ Central Library on Tuesday and managed to get scanned photos from the Eng Student Annual Magazines 51-52, 52-53, 56-57 and 60-61. Photos include photos of Sayas, students of that year. From these when can know about the Sayas at that year. We can also identify the students at that year.

  • U Sein Hlaing (Prof EE) was a final year student in 1951-52 and became an A/L starting 1952-53.
  • Saya U Tin Swe was a student in 1951-52 and 52-53. He was a member of the Eng Student Union and the victorious Prome Hall football team.
  • Ex-Burma Selected Footballer U Chan Tha (Chief Engineer, Roads, Rangoon Municipal) was the Captain.
  • U Khin Si husband of RIT Finance Officer Daw Yin Yin Htway and part time lecturer Textile; U Tin Si, U Khin Si’s brother and tennis doubles partnership that won RU as well as national championships were members of the Prome hall team.

The 1956-57 magazine contains photos when the new Leik Khone Engineering Buildings were inaugurated in 1956 Nov by the Prime Minister at that time U Ba Swe.

In the 1952-53 magazine I found out that Mr. Robert Hole (ex-EE, Highways, PWD,PWC,CC; uncle of Percy Maung Maung and uncle Bobby to me) was the English editor. I called Uncle Bobby and requested him to write something about his engineering student days, his teachers and fellow students. He agreed and asked for about three weeks time.

I need to go back and to the UCL to get more info from the RIT handbook 1966-67 and photos from the Hlyat Sit Sar Saung.

U Ba Than has donated some of his Engineering College photos to the MES library and I need to go there to check up on the photos.

Best wishes

Editor’s notes

  • An academic year usually spans two years. To save space and time, I had loosely used the end year (e.g. 69) instead of the start year and end year (e.g. 68 – 69).
  • In the early days, there were no “Instructors” (but only “Assistant Lecturers”) for the Faculty of Engineering. They are Gazetted officers.
  • Some of our sayas applied for “States Scholar” before graduation. Some joined the faculty and were selected to do post-graduate studies.
  • Grapevine says that the Halls would aggressively seek outstanding athletes (footballers, tennis players, rowers, …).
  • U Chan Tha is also RUBC Past Captain and Gold.
  • Bohmu Percy Maung Maung and his younger brother Ko Hugh are old crocs. Ko Percy is a class mate of Saya U Soe Paing at SPHS and Stanford.
  • Saya Dr. Yan Naing Lwin used to have a copy of the “Burmese state scholars in ’54”. The list includes Saya U Sein Hlaing, and Saya U Tin Swe.
  • Ko Benny Tan (M 70) used to have a copy of the “RIT Handbook” for 6x. I published the list of permanent and part-time sayas and sayamas in one of “RIT Alumni International Newsletter” updates.
  • Saya U Moe Aung (EE) used to have old copies of “Hlyat Sit Sar Saung” and RIT Annual magazines. He served as Chief Editor for both publications.
  • The late Saya Charlie Kaw (Tex) is believed to have brought along with him the projects of his final year students.
  • ope sayas, sayamas and alums might be able to contribute to the “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar” project.
  • Sad to note that Mr. Robert Hole has memory loss and was not able to write for HMEE-2012. His daughters teach at UCC, ICST and UCSY.

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