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CTH : Life Story

April 23, 1958

It is on this day 23rd April 1958 that I got married to my wife Khin Khin Htway (Flora) at the Strand Hotel. We stayed two nights with her parents and left for our honeymoon to Tokyo, Japan.

April 25, 1958

We arrived Tokyo 0n the 25th and was met at the airport by Mr Fonseka, Ceylon (now Siri Lanka) Ambassador to Japan. He was was a friend of my wife father when he was Ceylon Ambassador to Burma. He took us to a restaurant for lunch and later dropped us at a Hotel near the Imperial Palace.

April 26, 2958

The next day we took the high speed bullet train to Osaka to visit Mr Fukutomi who is a friend and was once an IBM Engineer in Burma. He lived in Takarazuka, a suburb of Osaka. He took us to see the famous Takarazuka Kabuki show performed by women artists only, the men parts were also performed by ladies and not a single men was involved in it.


We stayed one night in Osaka and then left for our trip to Kyoto, Nara,Yokohama, and Kamakura where there is a Huge BUDDHA sitting statue, it is also a popular beach resort and returned to Tokyo.

Back to Tokyo

In Tokyo we saw a modern topless show at Asakusa Theatre, did some shopping at Diamaru Department store and took a stroll on GINZA street.

We left Japan after three weeks of our memorable honeymoon in Japan.

Hong Kong

From Tokyo we flew to Hong Kong, we stayed at at the famous Peninsular Hotel on Kowloon side where the airport is.

One day while shopping in Hong Kong we met four Burmese gentlemen on the street and they were Executive Members of Rangoon Turf Club, they were in Hong Kong at the invitation of Hong Kong Turf Club. One of them, U Chit Khaing saw my wife in her longyi and came to talk to us, he then invited us for a cruise on the Hong Kong Harbour which the Hong Kong Turf Club had arranged for them in the evening. The cruise was during sunset and it was a beautiful ride relaxing on the boat, breathing the fresh air of Hong Kong Harbour and watching the colored lights of Skyscrapers opened one by one, twinkling on the hill. We returned to Rangoon the next day.

Blessed to be together for 62 years

It is now 62 years since our honeymoon in Japan and we are fortunate to be still together and is able to take care of each other.

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