HM : Spreadsheet


  • VisiCalc was a $100 software sold on a $1000 Apple computer.
    It made Apple a serious platform for doing business.
  • Dan Bricklin, an MBA student, had an “Aha” moment when he noticed his professor teaching “What-if”.
    Every time one or more variables changed, the professor had to erase and write equations.
    He felt that the process can be done easily with an interactive electronic spreadsheet.
  • Bob Frankston had worked on business oriented programs (e.g. report generators) on the mainframe computers.
  • Dan and Bob founded Software Arts to develop VisiCalc.


VisiCalc was challenged by SuperCalc and numerous other programs that offered improvements.

  • Ultimately, VisiCalc lost to Lotus 1-2-3 by Mitch Kapor.
  • Mitch integrated three functions
    (a) Spread sheet
    (b) Graphs
    (c) Data Management.
  • Lotus was bought by IBM.

Microsoft came up with Office which included Word (for Word Processing) and Excel (for Spreadsheet).

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