Senior *

The term Senior varies with countries.

Seniors in the US

  • Most Senior Centers require members to be 50 years or older. They want young, active seniors. Some volunteers are in their 80s and 90s.
  • AARP (Association for American Retired Professionals) admits “retirees” who are 50+ years old. This leaves room for marketing to people who are still active.
  • Some restaurants and shops provide discount to 60+ years and older.
  • The “official” age recognize by Federal and State Agencies is 65+.

Seniors in Myanmar

According to U Tin Htut (Harry, Mon Yu), a Sar Yay Saya has to be 80 years or older to be a recipient of the “Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe“.

MES sets 75 years as a threshold for the “Paying Homage Ceremonies” for Engineers and Architects. They may or may not be sayas.

Seniors and SPZPs

  • Some seniors are reluctant to attend Saya Pu Zaw Pwes (SPZP).
  • They could not easily find their classmates among the huge crowd.
  • Some are uncomfortable to pay respect to the younger sayas on the stage.
  • A partial solution was provided at some SPZPs.
  • The sayas and sayamas were divided into three (or more batches).
  • The advantage is that Seniors can choose to pay respect to their mentors, and relax when the younger sayas are on stage.
  • A drawback is that it takes long to get the sayas and sayamas get on and off the stage.

Joke about Seniors

“Uncle, you call you wife Honey. What is her name?”
“I forgot her name 30 years ago.”

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