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HM : Organization

  • There are various types of organizations.
  • There are non-profit organizations.
    That does not mean that the employees are all unpaid volunteers.
  • In the USA, non-profit organizations are classified by the IRS tax code.
    The organizations have to comply with the Federal and State regulations.
    If one donates to a non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3), part or all of the donation is tax deductible.
  • There are for-profit organizations.
  • Business organizations may be known as companies or corporations.
    The companies may be privately or publicly held.
    Some (e,g LLC) have Limited Liability.
  • NGO is a Non-government organization.
  • HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization.
  • There are Religious, Social, Educational, Political and Sports organizations.
  • The structure for organizations may vary.
    For example, an organization might have
    (a) Immediate Past President (to help the incoming team)
    (b) President (for the current term)
    (c) President-Elect (to be President in the next term).
    This allows for continuity in the operations.

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