K - O

HM : Matriculation in 1965

Five Paulians — the “last” batch before Nationalization — scored the top positions.

1st Bernard Khaw (Distinctions in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
Scored high marks in English.
Due to rule changes, he could not apply for the professional courses.
He studied, worked and retired in the USA.

2nd Maung Aye
He was the younger twin.
Both twins completed their doctorates in the USA.

3rd Winston Sein Maung
He passed away quite young.
He is GBNF (Gone but not forgotten)

4th May Kyi Nyein (Cherry Than Tin)
She applied to IM(2) in Mingalardon, and was admitted as Roll No 1.
She moved to Singapore.

5th Yi Thway & Paing Soe (tie in raw marks)

Admitted to IM (1) Rangoon as :-
Roll No 1- Yi Thway (Distinctions in English, Physics & Chemistry)
He moved to UK,
Roll No 2 – Paing Soe (Distinctions in Mathematics & Physics)
He retired as Deputy Minister of Health.

30+ Paulians were admitted to IM(1) and IM(2).

  • Several Paulians were admitted to RIT.
  • Myint Thin (GBNF) was admitted as Roll No 1 for Mechanical Engineering.
  • Wunna Sithu was admitted as Roll No 1 for Electrical Engineering.

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