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HM : Mandalay University


U Hla Shwe
  • Mandalay College was affiliated with Rangoon University
  • Mandalay College later became Mandalay University
  • U Ko Lay (Zeyar Maung) served as Vice Chancellor of Mandalay University
  • U Hla Shwe served as Rector of Mandalay Arts and Science University (MASU)
  • Medical classes were offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Rangoon University
  • Some (e.g. Dr. Maung Maung Nyo) attended the BMF (Branch Medical Facility) at Mandalay
    The students were registered at Rangoon University
  • Mandalay later has its own Medical College
  • Dr. Maung Maung Gyi served as Rector of Mandalay Institute of Medicine
Dr. Maung Maung Gyi

Some Medical Graduates Trained at BMF Mandalay

By Dr. Maung Maung Nyo

  1. Dr Myint Lwin MRCP, Director-General of Medical Research (Retired)
  2. Dr Nyunt Lwin (Leonard Muhammad) MD. (USA) (Florida)
  3. Dr Aung Khin Sint M.Sc.(Community Medicine) NLD (Deceased)
  4. Dr Lay Maung M.Sc.(Public Health)
  5. Dr Prakash Singh Talwar MD.(USA) (Chicago)
  6. Dr Krisna Brajwaja MD (USA) (Pennsylvania)
  7. Dr S. Kumar MRCP (India)
  8. Dr Aung Than M.Med.Sc. (Orthopedics)
  9. Dr Yash Pal M.Med. Sc (Anaes.)
  10. Dr B.S. Ko Lay Ph.D. (Anatomy) (Melbourne)
  11. Dr Tan Myint Maung M.Med.Sc.( Medicine) (Rangoon)
  12. Dr S. Hla Mong FRCS (Edin) (Deceased)
  13. Dr Than Aung FRCS (Edin)
  14. Dr Sheila San San Myint (FFARCS, England)
  15. Dr Muriel Yi Yi Myint MD (Psychiatrist) (USA) (Florida)
  16. Dr Than Yin DPM (Psychiatrist) (Rangoon)
  17. Dr San Yi Ph.D. (Dublin) (Professor, Retired, Mandalay)
  18. Dr Maung Maung Nyo Ph.D. (London), M.A.(Michigan State), FOMERAD

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