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Value of a speech

  • Videos, slides, and humor are entertaining, but without a memorable idea to act upon, a speech is usually not valuable.
  • There is a book called “Naked Presentation”.


  • Keynote speakers emphasize on the importance of Message.
  • What is the take away from a speech in general, and Keynote in particular?


  • Dr. Nyunt Wai (SPHS63) wrote :
    Message should be more important than Messenger (e.g. media, format).
    Misuse or overuse of technology has led to a saying, “power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely”.
  • U Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76) wrote :
    That’s true to some extent.
    I used to work for a VP who limited no more then one page of PowerPoint in any meetings as presenters/people spent more effort on it than actual discussions.
  • The messenger has some impact on the audience.
    If the messenger is an authority on the subject or a trusted person, people are more likely to listen to the message.
    The dress code of the messenger can distract or influence the audience.


  • Punctuation helps a reader or a listener.
  • One Lu Shwin Daw (Comedian) gained fame by adding a Period (Full Stop).
    He was admonished by the higher authorities for making fun of their leader “Number One”.
    No One is above the law.
    No. One is above the law.
  • A messenger came with a message
    What message is being conveyed?


King Dutthagamani’s Message

၁။ ငါ ယခု စစ္တိုက္ျခင္းသည္ မင္းစည္းစိမ္ဟူေသာ ငါ၏ ကိုယ္က်ိဳးစီးပြါးရလိုမႈအတြက္ လုံ႔လအားထုတ္မႈ ဘယ္အခါမွ် မရွိခဲ့ဖူးပါ။ ဘုရားရွင္သာသနာေတာ္ ႀကီး အရွည္ခံ့၍ တည္တံ့ပါေစျခင္း အလို႔ငွာသာ ျဖစ္ပါ၏။
ဤသစၥာစကားေၾကာင့္ ေအာင္ပြဲအလီလီ ရပါေစသတည္း။ (ဒု႒ဂါမဏိမင္းႀကီး)

Translation by Hla Min

I am waging wars
not for attaining and retaining the kingly treasures.

My efforts are not for my personal gains.

It is for the sustenance
of the Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation).

Due to the asservation of truth
may I achieve
multiple victories.

(King Dutthagamani)

Mahagandayone Sayadaw’s Message

။ ကိုယ္တည္းတစ္ေယာက္၊ ခ်မ္းသာေရာက္ဖို႔၊ ခုေလာက္ႀကိဳးကုတ္၊ အားမထုတ္ဘူး။
ဗုဒၶျမတ္စြာ၊ သာသနာ၏၊ ေရွးခါဘိုးဘ၊ လက္ထက္ကလွ်င္၊ ရသည့္တန္ခိုး၊ ထပ္မညိႈးဖို႔၊ အားႀကိဳးမာန္တက္၊ ငါေဆာင္ရြက္သည္၊ ဆက္လက္ တည္တံ့ပါေစေသာ္ဝ္။ (မဟာဂႏၶာ႐ုံ ဆရာေတာ္)

Translation by Hla Min

If only for my personal well-being
and sukkha
I would not have exerted
too much effort like this.

In order that
Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation)
which thrived in our ancestor’s time
should not decay or decline
but shine much more brilliantly
for a long time
I am serving diligently
with all my might.

(Mahagandayone Sayadaw)

Si Shin Sayadaw U Caritta’s Message

၃။ ျမတ္စြာဘုရား၏ သာသနာေတာ္ျမတ္ႀကီးကို ေရွးဘုန္း ေရွးကံ ႀကီးမားသူတို႔သည္သာလွ်င္ ျပဳစု ေထာက္ပ့ံခြင့္ ရၾကေလကုန္၏။ ဘုန္းကံနည္းပါးသူတို႔မွာကား ျပဳစုေထာက္ပ့ံခြင့္, က်င့္ၾကံအားထုတ္ခြင့္ ကို တရံတဆစ္ကေလးမွ် မရၾကေလကုန္။
(စည္ရွင္ဆရာေတာ္ ဦးစာရိတၱ)

Translation by Hla Min

Only those who have practiced Perfections
and have good kamma [i.e. done kusala deeds substantially]
in their past existences
can support
Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation).

Those who have not [practiced Perfections
and kusala deeds substantially
in their past existences]
will not have the opportunity
even to listen and practice Dhamma
[let alone contribute to the sustenance
of Sasana].

(Si Shin Sayadaw U Caritta)

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