Deep *


  • Deep is an Indian word meaning Light.
    The extended meaning is Wisdom.
  • Several Indian names have “Deep” (e.g. Deepak).
  • Deepavali is the Indian Festival of Lights.
    Some call it Diwali.
    During our younger days, some Hindu friends would give us Indian sweets as part of their Diwali celebrations.


  • We express the depth of a physical object or an idea as “Deep” or “Shallow“.
  • In computer applications, we use “Deep copy” of “Shallow copy” of objects.

Deep Thought (CMU)

  • Deep Thought was a Chess Machine (hardware and software) developed by Ph.D. students at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University).
  • One Ph.D. student designed and implemented a special purpose chip to implement multi-ply search.
  • Two Ph.D. students, who are Chess experts, designed and implemented the algorithms to play championship level chess.
  • Two more Ph.D. students provided feedback and assistance.
  • Deep Thought beat the competitors to become World Computer Chess Champion.

Deep Blue (IBM)

  • IBM (International Business Machines) recruited the three of the five Ph.D. graduates (who worked on Deep Thought) to develop Deep Blue and challenge Gary Kasparov (World Chess Champion) to a Best-of-five match.
  • Kasparov prevailed in the first encounter, but made a costly error — a prime example of “To err is human” — to lose in the second encounter.
  • IBM made intensive preparations.
    It hired several Grand Masters for studying Kasparov’s games and techniques.

Deep Learning

  • Deep Learning is an advanced form of Machine Learning.
  • It has become a core subject in AI (Artificial Intelligence) courses.

Deep Sleep

  • There are numerous studies about Sleep and Insomnia.
  • Most people need about seven hours sleep.
  • Sleeping more than eight hours may be detrimental to one’s well being.
  • The quality of sleep (e.g. Deep sleep) is important.

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