UCC : U Mya Thein (GBNF)

Bo Shoke

  • His first nickname at the Institute of Economics was “Bo Gyoke
    because he had his hair cut like Bogyoke Aung San.
  • Would get involved in lots of activities thereby earning a second nickname “Bo Shoke
    (One who gets his hands wet in things that are of no concern to him).
  • Brilliant and talented student
  • Would “explain” the lectures in a room to his fellow students.
    Turnout to his “free tuition” was larger than that at the regular classes given by the sayas.

From Institute of Economics to UCC

  • Joined the Commerce Department at the Institute of Econmoics as a tutor.
  • When UCC was formed, it needed people with diverse skills.
    U Mya Thein and U Thein Oo transferred to UCC.
    They became Business Application Programmer / Analyst.
    They went for further studies in the United Kingdom.
  • Retired as Manager of Business Applications.

Brilliant and Outspoken

  • Had a vast array of General Knowledge.
  • Read books on Religion, Medicine, and Engineering.
  • Taught at UCC and IE
  • Also lectured at ITBMU (International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University).
  • Was outspoken.
    During a visit to UCC, ministers and deputy ministers
    were standing and waiting for U San Yu.
    Bo Shoke entered the room and shouted, “Sit down”.
    All complied.
    (What a surprise!)

Like Father, Like Son

  • One day Bo Shoke’s father came to UCC.
  • He carried a bunch of bananas.
    He asked U Tun Kywe, an army veteran serving as security,
    the office of Saya U Myo Min (Manager of the Business Applications Division).
  • When he found out Saya Myo was not much older than Bo Shoke,
    he went downstairs and then gave the bananas to U Tun Kywe.

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