UCC Memories

UCC : Those were the days

UCC Founders

UCC (Universities’ Computer Center) was founded by Saya Chit (Dr. Chit Swe, GBNF) with the help of Saya Paing (U Soe Paing), Saya Myo (U Myo Min) and Saya Lay (U Ko Ko Lay, GBNF).

Sad to note that Saya Chit and Saya Lay are GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten)

Saya Chit

  • Served as Founder Director of UCC.
  • Retired as Rector of RASU.
  • Taught and supervised research in Bangkok and Sydney.
  • Passed away in Sydney at the tender age of 79 (in 2019).
  • See several related posts about Saya Chit.

Saya Lay

  • Matriculated from SPHS in 1956 along with Saya Paing.
  • While studying at the Faculty of Engineering, he was chosen as a State Scholar to study BS and MS in Civil Engineering at Stanford University, USA.
  • Joined PWD as Assistant Engineer.
  • Helped Saya Chit and Saya Paing with the UCC Project.
  • Transferred to UCC as Operations Manager in April 1971.
  • Studied MS in Systems Engineering at the University of Lancaster in UK
  • Later served as Scientific Applications Manager at UCC
  • Became Professor of Computer Science at DCS (Department of Computer Science), Rangoon University
  • Served as Professor of Information Systems at ICST (Institute of Computer Science and Technology).
  • Had the longest tenure among the four UCC Founders.
  • Had excellent command of English
  • Played Tennis, Volleyball and Soccer
  • Saya is seen enjoying UCC Thingyan with his colleagues and/or students
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Saya U Ko Ko Lay


  • Saya Paing and CO (Chief Operator) U Hla Min did Vipassana Meditation at Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung where U Win Paing (U Wara, younger brother of Saya Paing) was Taik Oke Sayadaw.
  • U Soe Myint Gyi (GBNF) volunteered at Sun Lun.
  • Several staff and students from UCC participated the Thingyan and Su Paung Donlaba (initially at Sun Lun).
  • Saya Chit and staff would offer soon to the Donlaba.
  • In subsequent years, Su Paung Donlaba was held at other monasteries (e.g. Chan Myei Yiek Tha and Mo Hnin Kyaung).
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Dr. Chit Swe, Win Maung, Hla Min, Tun Aung Gyaw, Soe Myint, Khin Maung Aye, Daw Khin Khin Latt

UCC Courses

  • Saya Chit was Founding Director of UCC and Professor of Mathematics Department at RASU.
  • Saya established Computer Science and Applications course at UCC.
  • UCC conducted several courses on its own.
  • Academic degrees (M.Sc. and DAC) were given under the Department of Mathematics.
  • Several distinguished Professors from US, UK and Europe lectured at UCC Thamaing College Campus as a component of the UCC Project (funded by UNDP and executed by UNESCO).
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UCC Course

Dr. Tin Maung (GBNF)

  • Succeeded Saya Chit as Director of UCC.
  • During his tenure, the Department of Computer Science (DCS) and the Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) were established.
  • Retired as Rector of ICST.

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