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UCC : Rafiul Ahad

Dr. Rafiul Ahad is the son of Dr. Ahad. His elder siblings include U Kyaw Win (Alex Ahad, RUBC, Principal of Labor Training School), Lucy, Ruby, U Aung Thin (Faisal Ahad, Manager of a Dental Technology Company) and Daisy. He has 11 siblings (with five younger than him).

Raiful excelled in academic and sports. At SPHS, his training partner was Jimmy Crampton (later SEAP Champion in 800m and 1500m). At RASU, he was a Champion hurdler. He was chosen for the preliminary group to represent Burma in the SEAP Games. U Kyaw Khin (SPHS, Burma champion runner and hurdler) was his Coach. Rafiul placed Third in Hurdles, so he missed out the final selection.

He studied Computer Science at UCC. He also played soccer and volleyball with UCC employees, students and users.

He also studied at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) where he met Frances.

Rafiul received his Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC).

He joined the University of Maryland (College Park) as Assistant Professor.

He worked at various companies in Silicon Valley such as Ingres, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Oracle (where is Vice President of “Oracle Cloud Computing”).

Rafiul had given Key Note Address at AIT. He has also presented seminars in Myanmar.

Raymond Win (Ohn Win, M75, brother of Joyce) wrote :

Rafiul was my classmate in SPHS V Std A together with Raymond Mahadevan and another Raymond (currently in Canada).

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