UCC : Dr. San Tint (GBNF) and U Shein Soe Myint (GBNF)


Saya Dr. San Tint (EE61, GBNF) was my saya at RIT. Saya served as External Examiner for Computer Science students at UCC and DCS.

Saya U Shein Soe Myint (EC83, GBNF) is the son of Saya U Hla Myint (Eco Maths). He is a classmate of H.E. U Thaung Tin (KMD) and my cousin nephew U Thar Hlaing (son of Saya Dr. F. Ba Hli). joined UCC, DCS and ICST as a graduate student, engineer and later saya. He was studying for his doctorate at NUS when he unexpectedly passed away.

The picture was taken at a mini-reunion of RIT and UCC alumni during my visit to Singapore.

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