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  • Disease caused by Corona Virus.
  • Discovered in Wuhan, China in 2019.
  • Took a long time before it was declared to be deadly and contagious by Health Authorities around the world.
  • 2020 saw
    Quarantine, curfew, lock down, stay at home, circuit breaker,
    mask wearing, social distancing,
    work from home, online classes,
    massive unemployment,
    zoom (for last journey, dana),
    home delivery services,
    cancellation of prestigious sports events
    say mee toe,
    fast track clinical trials for vaccination,
    untimely demise of front line health care workers,
    overrun of hospitals,
    shortage of crematorium,
    second and third wave of COVID-19 (partly due to mutations and variants), …
  • 2021 saw
    Megalomaniacs destroying the Golden Land,
    rise of COVID related hospitalization and death …

Feedback by Zaw Winn:

History records all these events…
Pity, the victims are nobody but us ….
No idea how long it will last and who will survive…

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